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Invite lost in the post? Enjoy Britain’s Royal Wedding buzz with CIE Tours!

Posted on 04/11/2018


Top hats, fascinators and other mainstays of British formality will be on display May 19 as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed. For those snubbed of a royal wedding invitation to Windsor Castle, CIE Tours International presents another path to the party. Guests will hear directly from local tour guides about Britain’s unique royal wedding traditions, with special CIE celebrations planned as well.

CIE Tours is seasoned at navigating the complexities of high-profile events during its tours, and locked rates mean guests won’t be caught off-guard by price spikes or sellouts. This year’s celebration will mark the 17th British royal wedding in CIE Tours’ 86-year history as the region’s top tour operator. 

Tours that put guests in London on soak in the buzz include:

•    Best of Britain: A quintessential tour to explore Britain’s best attractions in a short time. Guests start at Windsor Castle – where the royal celebration will take place – and move on to historic York, then Edinburgh for castle exploration and traditional Scottish evening entertainment. Next, they’ll visit the Beatles’ Liverpool, experience a Welsh evening in Cardiff, visit the Roman Baths of Bath, marvel at Stonehenge, and finally conclude in London to toast the happy couple and explore Ms. Markle’s new hometown. 

•    Rockin’ Britain: The tour begins in London, including a visit to the Tower of London – where Beefeaters in Tudor uniform guard the Crown Jewels – and a stop at Kensington Palace, former home of Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Guests will gain insights into Britain’s affinity for the arts with visits to Shakespeare’s birthplace and Beatles’ Liverpool before crossing the Scottish border to explore Edinburgh and St. Andrews, cruise Loch Lomond, and partake in a lively Scottish evening event. 

CIE Tours has developed a signature cocktail for the event—a tropical passion fruit margarita that’s sweet and sour with a splash of lime, fresh hint of basil, and slight bite from the tequila, this margarita mixes Megan’s favorite spirit with a hint of passion!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, CIE Tours offers a number of other itineraries to Britain that will be enjoyable for all. Be sure to check out our amazing offer on select Britain guided vacations. 

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